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"The Meltdown!" is the brainchild of Ottawa actors Norm Berketa and Jeff Lefebvre.

The two were collaborating on a video project and--while wrapping things up--had a conversation about people and their cellphones, social media and our ever-changing society. Both men shared a passion for "what's wrong" with all of it, so they eventually floated the idea of ranting about it on a web-series. Having access access to film equipment and an editing suite, they created "The Meltdown!"

Each episode features topical FUN FACTS and STUPID STUPIDNESS and Seasons Three onward consist of ten episodes with brand new topics, and features comic Luigi Saracino!

You'll learn something and you'll have a few laughs as well!

Click here to watch all the available episodes. Future air dates are listed on the 'Seasons' page.

About the Hosts (aka the Producers)

Norm Berketa is the Owner & Creative Director of NMB Productions and Creative Pictures. In 1996, he started doing audio production for a local radio station. Norm would eventually write, voice and produce a comedy/variety show called "The Saturday Night Late Show" which had a successful 4-year run on the same station. In 1998, he secured an agent and started his journey into the film industry as an actor and voiceover. In 2001, Norm began using his production experience to help himself and others create voice and video demos. In 2001, he officially started NMB Productions as a service to help local actors get representation and film roles. NMB Productions has expanded over the years to include custom audio and video projects for corporations and individuals and creative writing services. Norm co-hosts "Totally Off Script" with co-writer, Allison Graham on Bell's Fibe TV1 Channel. Local writers are interviewed and get their moment in the spotlight. Norm is a filmmaker who's company, Creative Pictures, has filmed 9 shorts and 1 pilot episode to date. He is also an accomplished musician. He has 6 albums available for sale on Bandcamp. Album #7 is currently in the works.

Jeff was born in New York City during Beatlemania. He has been acting for about 30 years, meaning he has the distinction of acting in 2 separate centuries. Jeff has worked with people such as George Clooney, Sam Rockwell and Peter Stormare. Film and Television Credits include Tell The World, Clown, Rulers of Darkness, Attack of the Brainsucker, The Tournament and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Recent theatre credits include Novel House, Paco V Put to Sleep (Black Sheep Theatre), The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce (Ninth Hour) Cherry Docs and Serial Monogamy (New Ottawa Repertory Theatre). Jeff has also worked as the Public Address Announcer for the Ottawa Lynx and the Ottawa 67's. If you describe a scenario from a Warner Brothers' cartoon, Jeff has the uncanny ability to identify the name of the cartoon, the director, and the year it was released. He can also recite the first 15 minutes (and possibly more) of the 1951 film version of A Christmas Carol verbatim. His hobbies include looking up at the sky, since he enjoys astronomy as well as watching airplanes.

About Luigi Saracino (host of A Meltdown! Minute with Lou!)

Luigi Saracio will be hosting his own segment in The Meltdown! starting in Season Three. Luigi is the front man for the band "Better Living Through Chemistry" and is also an accomplished actor and stand-up comedian who's entertained audiences across Canada. Now, Luigi will bring his comedic twist to The Meltdown! each episode. As the host of "A Meltdown! Minute with Lou!" he'll share his thoughts about our topic of the day. Don't miss an episode!

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