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To leave comments and suggestions, and to inquire about getting your rant on the air, please e-mail us at

Want to be a part of the show? We're interseted in you if:

-You have very strong opinions on something, whether it's for or against.
-You want to appear on the show with your rant.
-You have no problem if Norm and Jeff disagree with your opinion and comment on your rant, or completely shred it for that matter.
-You agree that your rant may or may not be aired, especially if the producers feel that your rant is aimed against any specific race, creed, religion and gender or appears to be nothing more than hatred. The producers have the sole discretion as to what will be aired and what will not be aired. So there!

Here's how to submit your rant video to "The Meltdown!":

-Use your video camera or phone to record your rant.
-Keep your rant to 2 minutes maximum.
-E-mail to obtain specific instructions on submitting your rant.
-You agree that your rant -- if used in the show -- may be subject to editing at the producer's discretion.

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